Lineage 2 High Five International

Welcome to the 1st EU/RU High Five server! We give to you our greatest combination of lineage 2 activities, stability of Germany VPS (private server), new player starter packs and MORE!



  • Rates x5 High Five
  • Ru vs Eu , challenge other nations or cooperate to overcome all activities!
  • Classic style, no stupid Events, Fresh Economics, Minimalism
  • Max enchant +16
  • Buff system: "NEVER-BORING FARM" (Alt+b to access)
  • Inner adena shop : Discount B-grade & Sealed S-grade (Alt+b to access)
  • Everything is achievable without donations
  • Wipe protection 1 year!

Server status:

Login-server: On-line
Game-server: On-line

"Packet-Defender" protection today's ban:

not detected...watching